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Where To Buy Thorogood Boots

Looking for your favorite work boots on sale or need a new pair of rubber boots before the season starts? Look no further... we've partnered with Midwest Boots to offer some amazing deals on closeout styles. From hunting boots on sale to discounted work boots, you'll save on a great selection of Thorogood boots.

where to buy thorogood boots


Red Wing also has a cork midsole and leather insole, both of which mold around your feet the longer you wear them. This is a really old fashioned way of making heritage boots and it means they become more comfy as the months and years pass.

Red Wing is a shoe that I would recommend if you are less interested in what works best for electrician work and more interested in what looks stylish, ages well, and pays homage to the traditional ways of constructing boots.

Most boots run "true to size" unless otherwise noted. Even so, not all boots are exactly the same and can vary from one style to another, even within the same brand. If you have questions about how a boot fits, please call us at 1-866-251-5928.

Thorogood boots are generally true to size, but there can be slight variations. Different types of boots are designed with specific purposes in mind, so the question of how should boots fit will depend on that purpose.

Some will be higher and laced tighter to offer better protection for your ankles, while some will have reinforced toes for extra safety. Additionally, Thorogood boots come in three widths, so you can choose what suits you best.

The best way to check how work boots fit is, of course, to try them on. However, the printable Thorogood sizing chart is a good way to check the fit if you are unable to try them on in person. Print out the sizing chart and try out if their sizes fit your standard.

Thorogood lace-up boots are generally true to size. The length should not be a problem, and you can choose from the different widths; additionally, you can adjust the fit with how tight you lace them up.

Boots with a safety toe generally run about half a size larger, and this applies to Thorogood boots sizing as well. This is by design, as the toe cap is tough in order to protect your toe, but can also make for a tight fit, as it is not flexible.

Make sure to try these boots with the socks you will be wearing. Additionally, take care that your toes are not too far back, as in such cases they will not offer you adequate protection, which is the entire purpose of the boot.

Before we explain how Thorogood boots sizing is done for specific models, we should talk a bit about the different model types that Thorogood produces. Since Thorogood has a history spanning more than a hundred and fifty years, they have made a large number of different models, but they can generally be classified into four different types, most of them being work boots.

The aim of Thorogood military boots is for them to be strong and durable. They provide safety and comfort for your feet, regardless of the situation you are in, as the designers anticipate you will wear them in the toughest situations. You can choose from a variety of waterproof options.

These types of boots are not only comfortable and durable, but they are also appropriate to wear to work, and go well with any uniform. Their design will help you deal with moisture and the build-up of bacteria, as well as prevent fatigue.

Thorogood expects you to stay on your feet for large stretches of time, and designed their boots with that in mind. The work boots you can purchase will not only keep your feet safe, but they will also allow you to feel comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the weather. You can get waterproofed and insulated variants, as well as boots with toe protection.

Designed with an adventurous person in mind, Thorogood outdoor and hiking boots are an excellent choice for hiking, hunting, mountaineering, walking, or camping. They will keep you comfortable and safe, all the while being modern and stylish.

These boots are made from waterproof and insulating materials and prevent slipping. You can even buy high rubber boots, which will protect you from snake bites or similar dangers during your trips. These boots are the ideal choice if you plan on spending prolonged periods of time off the trail.

Regardless of the sizing of boots, there are few things you should keep in mind when trying them out. Always try boots out with the socks you predict to be wearing with them. Take into account that some boots need to be broken in and that your feet can swell if you stand for long hours.

This is important because while Thorogood boots sizing generally runs true and you can wear the same size as your shoes, if you wear thin socks with your shoes and only wear them for a few hours, you may need to consider getting half a size larger boots. However, if this is something you account for, you should have no trouble finding the right fit.

Overlook Boots is your one-stop shop for high-quality work boots and apparel at affordable prices. Our selection of work, western, hunt and dutry boots is unmatched. We are a family owned business with strong values. The entire Overlook Boots team takes pride serving the hard working men and women of this country.

Tobacco leather. Storm welt stitching. These Thorogood 804-4200 Men's Brown American Heritage 6 Inch Moc Safety Toe Work Boots are crafted with tough, manly materials on the outside, while providing lightweight, soft cushioning on the the inside. With these resilient boots, you get the best of both worlds.

The logger-style uppers of these Thorogood boots are made of a brown, natural leather. Their flexibility allows you to twist and bend, while still enduring the harsh winds and weather. The oil-tanning makes the leather of these steel toe boots even stronger, keeping moisture out, leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

These safety toe footwear offers you additional toughness. Don't believe it? There's a layer of shock-resistant rubber in the midsoles of these Thorogood boots. Beneath that, an engineered composite shank supports your weight. This strong composite won't conduct heat and electricity, so thank goodness for that! It'll support your arches to prevent muscle strains. The soles are ESR-rated, so they won't collect shock, and they can absorb up to 18,000 volts of electricity. Did we say thank goodness already?

Goodyear storm welt construction attaches the vibram outsoles of these brown boots to the flexible leather uppers. The rubber outsoles absorb the force of your footsteps, so your feet enjoy elevated levels of softness. Slip-resistant tread has a gripping design to give you exceptional traction.

That's gotta be it, right? We've got one last piece of information, though these Thorogood 804-4200 Men's Brown American Heritage 6 Inch Moc Safety Toe Slip-Resistant Boots have much more to offer. Steel toes! You can't go wrong with those. They protect you from crushing impact and dangerous compression. Strong and comfortable: you'll have it made when you own a pair of these Thorogood boots!

I love the boots, had to cut out a bunch of leather in the tongue because when I would lace them up they bunched up just above my ankles, but after a few adjustments and some leather being removed they fit perfectly now!

Though the quality is exceptional and the boots are great, I did not give 5 stars because of an issue where the tongue bunches and presses into my ankles, causing uncomfortable pain while breaking them in. Over time, they ARE breaking in, the leather is softening in the problem areas, and the ankle issue IS starting to go away. I do believe the issue will be fully resolved once fully broken in as I have noticed a significant improvement. Love the boots, otherwise.

Worth every penny if you are debating on buying these boots do yourself a favor and buy them I am on my feet in mud and water 10-12 hours a day in a rock quarry by far the best boots I have had to date have tried every brand and 6 months is the max life span ariat Justin redwing HH danner cat wolverines bottoms of previous boots begin to fail in 3 months these are just as solid today as the day I purchased them

Nice looking comfortable boot. This is my second pair, probably should have sent my first pair in for a rebuild. The only thing with my new pair is the tongues on the boot are a bit stiff and fold strangely sometimes rubbing the top of my feet. @Thorogood do you have something that will soften up the tongue leather? Bottomline, I love the boots and would highly recommend Thorogood.

The boots are are vary nice the only thing I found with this style boot is the toung is to bulky and when tying them it bunches up and has pressure points on my ankle other then that there nice boots.

What a great pair of boots. I walk and stand on many different terrains through out the day. My feet have not felt this goo in a long time in work boots. So, kudos off to Thorogood for such a good product.

love the comfort of the boots . sole seems to be on the soft size and as a 270lb man who is on his feet all day thats good and bad. bad is wear out of the heel i have issues with heel wear due to heavy heel strike. at 2 months there is signs of wear already. the good part is the are comfortable

Purchase these boots in Crystal River Florida at the military store Crystal Ave. I returned these Boots, the man says why are you bringing them back and I told him right shoe was a lot different than the left he took the shoes back and said he

First pair of lace up boots so it was definitely took some time to adjust since I had only worn slip on. Took around a week to break in. Tongue on left boot seems to be a little to big or something which causes it to bunch up on the top of my foot causing a little discomfort. Other than that great boot.

On my 2nd set in a year. Great boots. 1st set worn down in 6mos....10miles easy a day in them. Landscaper. Waterproofing is great. No issues and comfortable. Easy break in. Gonna send the old set out to be re-soled. I

Had my 1957 series for about a month now and so far no complaints, I was a hardcore Georgia Boot guy and wanted to test the water. I do HVAC and so far all is well. They run a little bigger than my regular boots but fit like a glove with no breakin time! Love this.. the winter season will be my big factor on how well these hold up. Please send a follow up in a year to get a more accurate review. Thus the 4 star review at this time. 041b061a72


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