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Public·10 members A Free and Secure Way to Design Diagrams has been specifically designed for Microsoft Windows computers. With this product, you can create simple as well as complicated diagrams on the spot. The tool offers various features, incorporating a wide range of elements, such as basic shapes, arrows, stick figures, etc. While using, you can create simple sketches, professional diagrams, and even customizable flowcharts.

While some advanced features can be difficult to understand, makes up for such minor drawbacks with support for diagrams created on Gliffy and other prominent art software. diagrams download


Draw.iO Diagrams is a cross-platform diagramming application you can use to create flowcharts, workflows, org charts, Venn diagrams, wireframes, network diagrams, and just about any other chart or modular drawing your imagination can conjure. is a free, open-source Windows app that lets you create offline or online diagrams. You can save or import them to other apps or your program, depending on the type of chart. You can also collaborate with others towards more effective workflows. helps you collaborate with your teams and also allows the team to be more productive. You can use to create flowcharts, process diagrams, assemble mindmaps, organizational charts, ERDs, and UML diagrams. You can also use the confluence-native, collaborative editing tool to help your team create confluence documentation.

How to download diagrams as PDF

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You can export your diagrams to various types of images, files of different types, and even encode your diagram into a URL. The type of file that you choose to export to will depend on how you want to use it.

Every now and then I need to draw a diagram for a solution or platform architecture, and enjoy doing that! I usually spend more time on them then planned ?. There are lots of tools to create these diagrams, and lately I have been primarily using and I love it ?. Want to know how I make sure I have the latest Azure icons to work with? Read on!

On November 2019, Microsoft refreshed their Azure service icons with a more modern look and a better visual consistency. I wanted to create diagrams with the new Azure icons, so I decided to create a set of libraries for with them. These libraries were created leveraging the Azure Icon Collection maintained by benc-uk

When I need to draw technical diagrams for projects we're working on using Azure I need shapes that represent the services we're using and it's not too difficult to find sets of shapes that can be used in Microsoft Visio. But I don't have a licence for Visio and so instead I tend to use the popular drawing tool

Using the flowcharting plugin for Grafana, you can use diagrams and put your metric on top of it. This way you have a visual representation of your data flow, including the performance metrics in a single overview.

With the official set of icons, design guidelines and sample diagrams you can easily create your own SAP Business Technology Platform solution diagrams by using MS PowerPoint. They are intended to reach a better and faster understanding of SAP Business Technology Platform end-to-end solution scenarios as customer, partner, client, solution architect, project lead or developer by using graphical diagrams for visual learning.

As customer, partner, solution architect, project lead or developer working with SAP Business Technolog Platform you are invited to create your own solution diagrams for individual purposes including twitter, blogs, project document or interactions with clients e.g. workshops. For legal safeguard just follow the SAP Terms of Use found in document Terms Of Use for the SAP Business Technology Platform Solution Diagrams, Design Elements & Icons. These terms of use govern your use of these SAP Materials (as defined in the Terms of Use), and related Content and web pages.

this blog post is the final milestone of the (external) rollout of the solution diagrams, and you & Hamsa and the rest of the team can really be proud of this achievement. It may look trivial to some, but within the big picture having a clear and crisp visual design language to explain SAP Cloud Platform based architectures does have impact from many angles!

After playing around a bit with I can better understand your question on publishing our service icons and other SAP Cloud Platform solution diagram icons (e.g. the grey SAP icons) "standalone" as png files or even better directly providing them via custom "SAP Cloud Platform Icon" xmls (e.g. one xml for all "Analytics" icons, other xmls for the other capabilities and one xml for the grey SAP Icons etc).

The diagram design elements could also be added to another custom library xml with all styles (like colors, lines) preconfigured matching our Fiori design guidelines. This set of "SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagram" library xmls could be imported via URLs to files on an SAP server. The sample diagrams could also be provided in the format. In the best case we would team up with to provide the SAP Cloud Platform Solution Diagrams out-of-the box with inbuilt standard "network" libraries.

also other popular cloud diagramming solutions like would be nice. For comparison, all hyperscalers (AWS, Azure, GCP) have published their own diagrams within both lucidchart and

that's an excellent question. We consider and evaluate supporting other "diagramming and drawing tools" for SAP Cloud Platform solution diagrams beyond MS PowerPoint. As of now I cannot provide a future outlook when other tools like or Lucidcharts will be supported. We seriously consider to boost and simplify our SAP Cloud Platform solution diagram adoption with additional tools. Customers with multi-cloud strategies need support for diagramming tools to depict multi-cloud architectures including SAP Cloud Platform.

Hi Bertram Ganz,is there any plan to support It has become a good industry standards supportin already all big cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Goolge). When is SAP catching up with icons there?

you are hitting a very good point with "how to visualize SAP Cloud Platform 'solutions' and MTA files" inside our SAP Cloud Platform solution diagrams. So far our guidelines version 03 neither contain a grey "solution" icon (like for application) nor a design element or rectangle or another icon for an MTA file. I'll have a look at this question and will add these icons/elements to the next version04 coming in February.

I'm developing some enablement materials this month that will include many Cloud Platform architecture diagrams -- I'll share the end results with you. I might have some finer point suggestions coming from that, but I have found the v3 version very usable as distributed.

As we are about to embark on our SCP journey, and using both within Confluence and Visio, I would very much support a more "importable" icon/shape set. It would be great to have the powerpoint deck as the design guide - but be able to use a more appropriate diagramming tool.

Since it seems that SAP is not really making a leap towards integrating the elements into something like, what about providing the community with the necessary content to do it themselves? If the elements were available in raw SVG, I'm quite sure there would be a willingness to collaborate on an open source library.

thank You for Your "thanks a ton" on our SAP Cloud Platform solution diagram guidelines. Indeed the integration of our SAP Cloud Platform service/other icon sets into third-party diagramming tools is still pending. We are currently updating the next version v09 guidelines slide deck (planned for end of Feburary) that's based on the new Fiori 3 (QUARTZ) design soon being applied to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. As this new design (mainly a slightly changed color palette) affects all service icons we decided to replace them (incl. the grey "other" icons like "application", "user" etc.) with SVG-objects instead of pasting normal image objects inside the MS PowerPoint slide deck. Consequently we are much closer to publish all SAP Cloud Platform service icons as ZIP-file with SVGs inside. Before doing this we first need to check the legal implications including the terms of use and support issues. That's the way to go and the next milestone before reaching a deeper, out-of-the-box integration with third-party tools like (that would also need the icons in SVG format). That's actually not a commitment but the future direction that's aiming to create SAP Cloud Platform solution diagrams more easily.

Is there any planned or upcoming icons / stencils for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud? We have started to build architectural diagrams but I don't seem to be able to find DWC icons in the (otherwise) brilliant power point.

If you are an organization using Chocolatey, we want your experience to be fully reliable. Due to the nature of this publicly offered repository, reliability cannot be guaranteed. Packages offered here are subject to distribution rights, which means they may need to reach out further to the internet to the official locations to download files at runtime.

You can also try the Pro version: Diagram Application (Pro) which offers new features ( upgrade, SVG-based PDF export, better link management and Gliffy diagrams support) and bug fixes including blocker issue Can't import a diagram.

This extension has a dependency on which is licensed under GPLv3. Even if this extension (i.e. the code that integrates in XWiki) is licensed under LGPL 2.1+ the combination of Diagram Application + is GPLv3. This means that if you want to distribute a package that bundles the Diagram Application and its dependency then that package must be licensed under GPLv3.

This is a simple application that integrates jgraph/ in XWiki, adding support for editing and viewing diagrams. Each diagram is stored in a wiki page. It doesn't require any external services in order to work properly.


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