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Unite Flat Iron Buy

Flatiron is the trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges across U.S. and Canada. For public and private clients, Flatiron builds highways and bridges; aviation, rail and transit infrastructure; dams and water facilities; and underground projects. For more on how Flatiron is transforming infrastructure, visit Flatiron is a subsidiary of HOCHTIEF, an engineering-led global infrastructure group.

unite flat iron buy


The TYMO Hair Straightener Brush Straightening Comb ($40, originally $60) combines a flat iron and a comb for a streamlined styling routine. This editor-favorite hair tool that delivers straight, silky, and smooth hair with just one stroke. It has five temperature settings. Our editor claimed that "easily smoothed out my unwanted kinks and frizziness, and it did it both quickly and efficiently." Check out our in-depth review of the TYMO Hair Straightener Brush Straightening Comb.

After Step 1 and 2, spray Step 3: SILKY:SMOOTH Heat Activator generously on damp, towel-dried hair, making sure to distribute the activator throughout the hair evenly. Using a hairdryer, rough dry to remove excess moisture, then comb and divide hair into sections. Using a styling iron, or hairdryer with a round or flat brush, smooth out each section from root to end until dry. Note: Some steam may occur; this is the heat activator hard at work, creating a protective, anti- humidity seal. Must use heat to activate and reactivate between washes.

"To achieve the look, I use a flat iron starting a few inches from the top of the head, and make bends in the hair in alternating directions. Remember, you don't want to drag the flat iron! Remove your flat iron from the hair before bending in a new direction. This will make your mermaid waves last all day long! I love this technique because you can customize your waves giving them a more lived-in, natural vibe. I love to finish the style off with UNITE's TEXTURIZA Spray to add fullness and volume," says stylist Chris Georges.

Stylist Laura Rugetti also loves using a flat iron to create a tousled mermaid look. To get the style to last all day and night, Rugetti sprays each wave with her number one go-to: UNITE Le:Play Hairspray. Then, she finishes the look with UNITE TEXTURIZA Spray for increased volume and texture.

Three leading oncology practices unite with partners in technology and finance to announce the launch of OneOncology, a patient-centric, physician-driven, and technology-powered company with a mission to improve the lives of everyone living with cancer.

work from daybreak in the heat of the sun, made more hot by the burning railroads and buildings, and were in no condition to overcome the natural defenses of the bridge, under a heavy fire of artillery and musketry. But while General Kautz's men were doing their utmost to reach the bridge, the rebel cavalry unsuccessfully attacked Chapman's brigade, near the crossing of Little Roanoke. He had been directed to look out for the rear, in anticipation that they would endeavor to strike us while operating against the bridge. Having found, from careful inquiry, there were no means of crossing the river without allowing the rebels on the north side to cross by the railroad bridge, and thus unite all the forces in that section, and having convinced myself by personal inspection of the great difficulty and loss was should necessarily experience in again endeavoring to carry the brigade, I determined to withdraw to the eastward and march back to the James River. The objects of the expedition had in the main been accomplished. Every railroad station, depot, water-tank, wood pile, bridge, trestle-work,

tool-house, and saw-mill, from fifteen miles of Petersburg to the Roanoke River, had been burned. Most of the track of the South Side road north of Burkeville and all of the Danville road from the Junction to the Roanoke bridge were destroyed. The temporary interposition of Lee's division of cavalry between different parts of our column prevented General Kautz from moving against the High Bridge near Farmville, on the upper Appomattox. The Danville road from Burkeville to the Roanoke having been constructed by laving flat iron rails upon tramway of pitch pine, was completely destroyed, with great ease, by piling fence-rails along both sides of the track and setting them on fire.

FLORENCE, Ala. - The University of North Alabama board of trustees today voted unanimously to approve a revised plan for the university's transition into the NCAA Division I. The plan is one that "provides a unified approach that will be vital to the advancement of the entire university," said Dr. William G. Cale Jr., UNA president.The revised plan includes a modest extension of the transition timeline while ensuring fundraising success for athletics as well as academics and all university programming. UNA currently competes in the Gulf South Conference of the NCAA Division II.The university will make its official transition into Division I no earlier than summer 2014, according to the revised transition plan. UNA officially began its pursuit of Division I status 15 months ago, following the board's approval of a resolution of intent June 13, 2011. The board's June 2011 resolution did not specify a deadline for the Division I move.The approval of the revised transition plan does not dissolve the June 2011 resolution but, rather, adds clarification and provides "a plan that everyone can unite behind," Cale said. "It will enhance our financial position, ensuring that we start the transition with no accumulated debt. But the plan's greatest strength is that it ensures the fundraising success of athletics as well as academics, student life and all other university programs."UNA athletics director Mark Linder said the plan's approval made today "a great day for the University of North Alabama. The unification this plan creates will be key not only to our DI transition but to the success of our entire university."The UNA board's June 2011 resolution established five benchmarks to be met before the Division I transition could occur. Each of the benchmarks is also detailed in the plan approved today. Among the benchmarks is the securing of at least $3 million to be pledged over a five-year period beginning in June 2012. To date, $2.8 million has been given or pledged.Benchmarks also include the gradual growth of the student athletics fee to no more than $8 per enrolled hour while capping institutional funding for athletics at 4 percent of the total university education and general budget.While these financial plans ensure the complete funding of the DI transition by the end of the five-year transition cycle, the university's incurring of debt during that cycle has been likely, Cale said. "But this revised plan adjusts our timeline in a way that all debt is avoided and that we make this move in the most financially responsible way possible."The UNA board's June 2011 resolution also states the university must complete all NCAA requirements for Division I membership and garner support from the Shoals community.This spring, UNA athletics met the NCAA Division I requirement of sponsoring at least 14 athletic teams by adding women's indoor and outdoor track. All five of the benchmarks set by the UNA board will be met upon the university's receipt and acceptance of an NCAA Division I conference invitation. 041b061a72


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