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professor maurers research interest are directed towards basic, translational and clinical aspects of cardiovascular disease. he is also a board certified pediatric cardiologist and diagnostic cardiologist with training in internal medicine at the medical university of vienna, cardiovascular physiology and cardiology at the mayo clinic, rochester, minn., usa and in cardiology and clinical pharmacology at the university hospital basel, switzerland. he is the founder and director of the center for molecular cardiology at the medical university of vienna. further, in 2009 he founded and became the president of the international society of cardiovascular imaging, and in 2017 the first president of the international society of nanomedicine for cardiovascular health.

esc textbook cardiovascular medicine 2nd torrent downloads torrent

  • the book is edited by experts in the field and covers the latest advances in cardiology including: the management of heart failure

  • the assessment of vascular function and structure

  • the management of coronary artery disease

  • the evaluation and treatment of pericardial disease

  • the management of arrhythmias

  • the management of cardiac arrest

  • the prevention and treatment of stroke

  • the management of atrial fibrillation

  • congenital heart disease

  • chronic and acute cardiovascular disorders in children and adolescents

  • craniofacial, vascular, and cardiac anomalies

  • molecular and imaging techniques in cardiovascular medicine

  • complementary and alternative medicine

  • nutrition and cardiovascular health


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