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Lukla Scenery Fs2004

File Description:This is an update to make Einar Aarvik's Nepal scenery 2.0 compatible with the new LOD 10 mesh uploaded by Holger Sandmann. Includes new Taplejung airport. By Einar Aarvik.Also includes fictional glacier strips and fictional and invisible helipads for the Everest and K2 peaks. By Halfdan Abrahamsen, who also uploaded these files.

Lukla scenery fs2004

File Description:FS2004 MV challenge - Nepal highlands 2.Pilot a dozen flights in a Twin Otter aircraft through Nepal, ideal territory for STOL (short take-off and landing) operations. Use short airstrips in tight deep valleys, and visit the world's highest mountains. The challenge includes bad weather, poor visibility, and limited navaids: many of the landings are quite difficult. Requires: add-on Twin Otter. Optional: add-on Nepal mesh and scenery. Freeware by Michael Vone

File Description:If you have 3rd. party scenery for Nepal and/or terrain mesh installed, many of your lakes in FS9 may look like the 'Before' picture you can see in the 'ZipDive'. If your lake at Pokhara (near the airport, VNPK) does look like that, then the bgl file in this download will get it back to ground level. If on the other hand your lake looks flat already, then you don't need this download of course!

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Afghanistan Charts and AIP Bagram OAIX Camp Bastion OAZI, Helmand Chakhcharan OACC Feyzabad OAFZ Jowzjan, Sheberghan airfield OASG Kabul OAKB Kabul OAKB - Another scenery Khorog OAI1 USMC Camp Leatherneck Afghanistan mesh Noshaq mountain flightsim.comAfrica Charts Western Sahara. Dakhla (Villa Cisneros), Laayune GMML, Nouadhibou GQPP, Smara GMMA, Tindouf DAOF, Tarfay. Plus VFR scenery Africa landclass. Landclass for the entire continent Horn of Africa mesh. Covers Ethiopia, Erythrea, Djibouti and Somalia Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Alaska Last updated: the 22nd of June 2022Albania Tirana, Rinas LATI flightsim.comAlgeria Adrar DAUA Algeria. All of Algeria Algeria scenery. Contains 50 airports plus VFR scenery Algiers, Algeria Houari Boumedienne DAAG. Algiers Real Scenery Bejaia, Abane Ramdane DAAE Another scenery Blida Air Base DAAB Constantine, Mohamed Boudiaf DABC Another scenery Ora Es Senia DAOO Oran DAOO Rabah Bitat, El Mellah DABB Setif, Ain Arnat DAAS Tiaret Bou Chekif DAOB Tiemcen DAON Tindouf East DA0G Zenata, Messali El Hadj DAON Algiers city phototerrain Catumbela FNCT Luanda, Quatro de Fevereiro FNLU update N'giva/Indjiva Pereira FNGI Base Marambio, Seymour Island SAWB Antarctica military base Ice Station Delta McMurdo Station, Ross Island. NZIR, NZWD, NZPG Neumayer Station II. German arctic research station & Barbuda, Caribbean Antigua, V.C.Bird TAPA + VFR scenery Antigua, V.C. Bird TAPA Antilles Last updated: the 22nd of June 2022 Argentina Last updated: the 29th of September 2022Armenia Goris Shinuhayr UGEG Karabakh Stepanakert UGST Kapan UGKP Meghri UGMG UDLS Stepanavan Kalilino, UDSG Gyumri Shirak, UDYE Yerevan Erebuni, UG0C Yerevan Yegvard, UGEB Tavush Berd, UGEG Syunik Goris, UGEJ Jermuk Exnikner, UGES Syunik Sisian Zanger, UGKH Kapan syunik Zangezur Yerevan, Zvartnots UDYZ mega scenery Patch Armenia and surrounding area mesh Yerevan city mesh, Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha, British Overseas Territory of Ascension Islands 1982 Ascension Island landclass St. Helena FHSH St. Helena FHSH, Ascension Island FHAW and Tristan da Cunha FHTC. Plus extensive scenery of these islands Asia Pacific 1962 scenery South east Asia mesh Australia Last updated: the 4th of October 2021 Austria Last updated: the 1st of February 2021Azerbaijan Akstafa UBBA, Baku Kala UBBO, Belokany UB16, Dollyar Dzegam UG0B, Evlakh UBEE, Gyandzha UBBG, Kara Chala UBB1, Kazi-mammad Kurdamir UBB2, Kyurdamir UB0E, Kyzylagdzh UBB3, Lenkoran UBBL, Naftalan UBB4Nakhchivan UBBN, Nasosnaya UBBI, Pirsagat UBB5, Salyany UBB6, Sangachaly UBB7, Sheki UBB8, Sital-Chay UBB9, Zakataly UB17 Baku, Heydar Aliyev UBBB Baku, Heydar Aliyev UBBB. Another scenery Baku, Heydar Aliyev UBBB 2017. Fully functional commercial demo from Drzewiecki Design Bahamas Last updated: the 18th of March 2012Bahrain Bahrain, Muharraq OBBI Upgrade Another scenery Riffa Air Base OBRA Sakhir airbase OBKH and F1 circuit Bahrain photoreal bh_photo.zipBalkans Balkans mesh covering the whole Serbia territories and the part of Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania flightsim.comBangladesh Chittagong, Shah Amanat VGEG Cox's Bazar VGCB Dhaka VGZR 19 cities + airports and VFR scenery Bridgetown, Grantley Adams TBPB Update & fix Another scenery. Download link here Another scenery II Belgium Last updated: the 1st of October 2018Belize Belize City MZBZ Belize City Municipal MZ55 Belmopan MZ64 Big Creek MZ58 Cay Islands including Caye Caulker MZ60, Caye Chapel MZ61 Corozal, El Ranchito MZ63 Dangriga MZ57 Lamanai MZ67 Melinda MZ65 Orange Walk MZ66 Placencia Municipal MZ56 Punta Gorda MZ59 Sarteneja MZ62 Belarus Last updated: the 20th of September 2016Benin Cadjehoun DBBB, Cotonou. Forgotten airports flightsim.comBermuda Islands Bermuda Int'l TXKF plus VFR scenery of all islands. From Project FREEflow Bermuda Bermudas Islands Paro VQPR Charts Version with mesh and chartsBolivia Bolivia VFR and IFR scenery. 40 population centers, 13 airports and 23 aerodromes Cochabamba, Jorge Wilsterman SLCB airport and city Guayaramerin SLGM, Riberalta SLRI Laja SLLJ Monteagudo SLAG Oruro, Juan Mendoza SLOR Rurrenabaque SLRQ Santa Cruz, Viru Viru SLVR Sucre, Alcantari SLAL Bolivia SRTM mesh flightsim.comBosnia and Herzegovina Banjaluka LQBK Another scenery Mostar LQMO Mostar LQMO. Another scenery Sarajevo LQSA Sarajevo LQSA. Another scenery Sarajevo autogen Bosnia and Hercegovina mesh The Chateau, atop a mountain near Serajevo flightsim.comBotswana Botswana 30 airports Maun FBMN Brazil Last updated: the 22nd of September 2022Brunei Brunei Int'l WBSB Brunei Int'l WBSB photoreal Borneo mesh See Indonesia Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei LWM & VTP Bulgarian airports. 32 VFR airports Burgas LBBG Gorna Oryahovitsa LBGO Plovdiv LBPD Fix? Sliven LBSL Sofia LBSF Another scenery I Sofia LBSF. Another scenery II Sofia LBSF. Another scenery III Turgovishte LBTG Varna LBWN Fix? Bulgaria mesh Explore Bulgaria. Valley Of Via Rome Mesh Varna - Balchik photoscenery Varna photoreal flightsim.comBurkina Faso Ouagadougou DFFD flightsim.comBurundi Bujumbura HBBA Bujumbura / Melchior Ndadaye HBBA - Another scenery update 1Cambodia Phnom-Penh, Pochentong VDPP Siem Reap VDSR Cameroon airport layouts Charts Yaounde FKYS Canada Last updated: the 17th of November 2022Cape Verde Islands Boa Vista GVBA Cape Verde 2012 scenery Maio GVMA, Preguica GVSN, Rabil GVBA, Sao Filipe GVSF, Sao Pedro GVSV Sal GVAC Cape Verde Archipelago Cape Verde Islands 76m SRTM mesh Boa Vista photoreal Islands Cayman Brac MWCB Another scenery Grand Cayman, Owen Roberts MWCR plus George Town city scenery Little Cayman MWCL flightsim.comCentral African Republic Bangui M'Poko FEFF. Forgotten airports Bangui M'Poko FEFF Central African Republic airport layouts Charts Am-Timan FTTN Chad airport layouts N'djamena FTTJ N'djamena FTTJ - Another scenery 1 Ouadi Doum FTT1 Chile Last updated: the 30th of October 2018 China Last updated: the 12th of October 2020 Colombia Last updated: the 18th of March 2019Congo, Democratic Republic of Charts Bandundu LZBO, Mushie FZBJ Bumba FZFU Butembo FZMB Democratic Republic of Congo airports and airstrips Kinshasa, N'Djili FZAA Kinshasa, N'Djili FZAA. Another scenery Kinshasa, N'Djili FZAA and N'dolo FZAB Kinshasa, N'Dolo FZAB Kitona Base FZAI Kolwezi FZQM Lubumbashi, Luano FZQA Lubumbashi, Luano FZQA. Another scenery flightsim.comCongo, Republic of the Brazzaville FCBB Republic of Congo airport layouts Islands Aitutaki NCAI Mangaia NCMG Mauke Island NCMK Rarotonga, Cook Islands NCRG Another scenery Cook Islands landclass PatchComoros Islands Anjouan Island. Ouani FMCV Comoros airport package. Contains Grand Comoros FMCH, Anjouan FMCV and Moheli FMCI Comoros Islands landclass Moroni FMCH Moroni FMCH. Another scenery Rica Costa Rica scenery 2012 Costa Rica Heliports San Josa, Tobias Bolanos MRPV Tortuguero MRBT Tortuguero MRAO Arenal Volcano Costa Rica mesh Costa Rica mesh and landclass San Jose city San Jose city. Another scenery Cote d'Ivoire of Abidjan DIAP flightsim.comCroatia Cepin LDOC Dubrovnik LDDU fix Another scenery Pula LDPL Rijeka, Riviera Kvarner LDRI plus VFR scenery Split LDSP plus coastline and scenery for the wider Split area from Sibenik to Omis fix fix2 Zagreb, Pleso LDZA Croatia mesh Dubrovnik old town Hvar Island photoreal, including mesh, terrain and Stari Grad LDSH Fix Cuba Last updated: the 5th of May 2022Cyprus Akrotiri LCRA Akrotiria LCRA, Ercan LCDN, Gecitkele-kingsfield LCRE, Lakatamia LCRO, Larnaka LCLK, Paphos LCPH plus vfr scenery Cyprus 1962 island and airports Cyprus Airports and Landclass. Includes Ercan LCEN, Gecitkale LCGK, Iker Karter LCIK, Kingsfield LCRE, Larnaca LCLK, Nicosia LCNC, Paphos LCPH Larnaca LCLK Nicosia LCNC Paphos LCPH Cyprus & Crete incl. surroundings SRTM mesh North Cyprus mesh Czech Republic Last updated: the 27th of April 2019 Denmark Last updated: the 20th of April 2018Djibouti Charts Djibouti, Ambouli HDAM AFCADDominica (Dominique), South Caribbean Canefield TDCF, Dominica Melville Hall TDPD plus VFR scenery 32 cities + airports and VFR scenery Dominica scenery flightsim.comDominican Republic 13 airports plus VFR scenery of the whole island Cabo Rojo MDCR Constanza MDCZ La Romana MDLR Punta Cana MDPC Punta Cana MDPC - Another scenery Samana El Catey MDCY Santo Domingo, La Isabela MDJB Santo Domingo, Las Americas MDSD Columbus Memorial Lighthouse flightsim.comEcuador Charts Cuenca, Mariscal Lama SECU Another scenery Guayaquil, Simon Bolivar SEGU Guayaquil, Simon Bolivar SEGU 1962 La Toma, Camilo Ponce SETM Portoviejo SEPV Quito, New Mariscal Sucre SEQM flightsi


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