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Nabanita Deb Sen Books Pdf: A Treasure Trove of Bengali Literature

Nabanita Deb Sen Books Pdf: A Guide for Bengali Literature Lovers

If you are a fan of Bengali literature, you must have heard of Nabanita Deb Sen. She was one of the most prolific and versatile writers in Bengali, who wrote poetry, novels, short stories, children's books, essays, memoirs, and more. She was also a renowned scholar, translator, feminist, and activist, who won many awards and honors for her literary contributions. In this article, we will introduce you to Nabanita Deb Sen's life and career, her major works and themes, and how to download Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online.

Nabanita Deb Sen Books Pdfl

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Nabanita Deb Sen's Life and Career

Nabanita Deb Sen was born on January 13, 1938, in Kolkata, India. She was the daughter of the poet Narendra Dev and the teacher Radharani Devi. She grew up in a literary family, where she developed a love for reading and writing from an early age. She studied at Presidency College and Jadavpur University in Kolkata, where she earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in Bengali literature. She then went to study at Harvard University in the USA, where she became the first Indian woman to earn a PhD in literature.

Nabanita Deb Sen started her literary career in 1959 with the publication of her first poetry collection Pratham Pratyay (First Person). Since then, she wrote over 80 books in various genres and languages. She also translated many works from English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew into Bengali. She received many prestigious awards for her literary works, such as the Padma Shri (2000), the Sahitya Akademi Award (1999), the Bharatiya Bhasha Parishad Award (1994), the Rabindra Puraskar (1986), among others.

Nabanita Deb Sen was also a prominent feminist and social activist. She was involved in various movements and organizations that advocated for women's rights, education, health, environment, peace, and human rights. She was also a professor of comparative literature at Jadavpur University for many years. She married the economist Amartya Sen in 1958 and had two daughters with him. They divorced in 1976. Nabanita Deb Sen died on November 7, 2019, at the age of 81.

Nabanita Deb Sen's Major Works and Themes

Nabanita Deb Sen wrote in a variety of genres and styles. Her works reflect her wide-ranging interests and experiences as a woman, a scholar, a traveler, a mother, a teacher, and a citizen of the world. Some of her major works and themes are:

- Poetry collections and translations: Nabanita Deb Sen wrote over 20 poetry collections in Bengali and English. Some of her notable poetry collections are Srestha Kabita (Best Poems, 1988), Nati Nabanita (Granddaughter Nabanita, 2008), and Make Believe (2011). She also translated the works of poets like Rabindranath Tagore, Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, Pablo Neruda, Yehuda Amichai, and Wislawa Szymborska into Bengali. Her poetry is known for its lyrical, witty, and expressive style, as well as its exploration of themes such as love, identity, gender, culture, politics, and spirituality. - Novels and short stories: Nabanita Deb Sen wrote over 10 novels and several short stories in Bengali and English. Some of her famous novels are Bhalobasa Kare Koy (Love Does That, 1978), Ami Anupam (I Am Anupam, 1988), and Nati Nabanita (Granddaughter Nabanita, 2008). Her short stories are collected in books such as Galpoguchchha (A Bunch of Stories, 1985), Ekta Dupur (One Afternoon, 1993), and Soi (The Needle, 2003). Her fiction is known for its realistic, humorous, and insightful portrayal of the lives of women, especially middle-class Bengali women, and their struggles and joys in the changing society. - Children's literature and fairy tales: Nabanita Deb Sen wrote over 30 books for children in Bengali and English. Some of her popular children's books are Chhoto Chhoto Galpo (Little Stories, 1974), Khokababur Protyaborton (Khokababu's Return, 1980), and Thikana (Address, 1992). She also wrote several fairy tales and folk tales from different cultures and regions of India and the world. Some of her fairy tale books are Rajkahini (King's Tales, 1977), Panchti Upakhyan (Five Tales, 1981), and Bhalo Meye Kharap Meye (Good Girl Bad Girl, 1993). Her children's literature is known for its imaginative, playful, and educational content, as well as its celebration of diversity and creativity. - Essays and memoirs: Nabanita Deb Sen wrote over 10 books of essays and memoirs in Bengali and English. Some of her notable essay collections are Karuna Tomar Kon Path Diye (Which Way Did You Go, Compassion?, 1981), Nana Ranger Dinguli (Many Colored Days, 1992), and Antaraal (Interval, 2004). Some of her memoirs are Swagata Deb Sen (Welcome Deb Sen, 1999), Nabaneeta Dev Sen: Ekti Samalochana (Nabaneeta Dev Sen: A Critique, 2002), and Naba-Nita: Ekti Atmakatha (Naba-Nita: An Autobiography, 2019). Her essays and memoirs are known for their candid, critical, and personal reflections on various topics such as literature, culture, society, education, travel, and family. How to Download Nabanita Deb Sen Books Pdf Online

If you are interested in reading Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online, you may face some challenges. First of all, you need to consider the legal and ethical issues of downloading books online. Not all books are available for free or legal download online. Some books may be protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. You should respect the rights of the authors and publishers and avoid downloading or sharing pirated or illegal copies of books online.

Secondly, you need to find reliable sources and websites that offer free or paid downloads of Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online. There are many websites that claim to offer free downloads of books online, but some of them may be fraudulent or malicious. They may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your device or steal your personal information. You should be careful and cautious when visiting such websites and avoid clicking on suspicious links or pop-ups.

Thirdly, you need to use some tips and tricks for finding and downloading Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online. Here are some suggestions that may help you:

- Use a search engine like Google or Bing to search for keywords like "Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf" or "Nabanita Deb Sen ebooks". You may also add specific titles or genres to narrow down your search results. - Use a website like Goodreads or LibraryThing to find information about Nabanita Deb Sen's books, such as ratings, reviews, summaries, and genres. You may also - find recommendations and ratings from other readers who have read Nabanita Deb Sen's books online. - Use a website like or to access free or paid downloads of Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online. These websites offer a large collection of Bengali books in pdf format, including Nabanita Deb Sen's books. You can browse by author, title, genre, or popularity. You can also preview, download, or read online the books you want. - Use a website like or to buy or rent Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online. These websites offer a wide range of books in various formats, including pdf, epub, mobi, and kindle. You can also read reviews, summaries, and sample pages of the books you want. You can also use their apps or devices to read the books online or offline. Conclusion

Nabanita Deb Sen was one of the most celebrated and influential writers in Bengali literature. She wrote in various genres and languages, and explored various themes and issues in her works. She was also a scholar, translator, feminist, and activist who contributed to the literary and social development of India and the world. If you want to read Nabanita Deb Sen books pdf online, you can follow the tips and tricks we have shared in this article. You can also check out some of her books from the table below.





Pratham Pratyay (First Person)



Bhalobasa Kare Koy (Love Does That)



Make Believe



Ami Anupam (I Am Anupam)



Rajkahini (King's Tales)

Fairy Tales


Naba-Nita: Ekti Atmakatha (Naba-Nita: An Autobiography)





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