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7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Arabic.pdf

6. In an age when young people were not highly regarded, some texts show that God sees them differently. Joseph, for example, was one of the youngest of his family (cf. Gen 37:2-3), yet God showed him great things in dreams and when about twenty years old he outshone all his brothers in important affairs (cf. Gen 37-47).

7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Arabic.pdf

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172. Other young people take part in social programmes that build houses for the homeless, or reclaim contaminated areas or offer various kinds of assistance to the needy. It would be helpful if this shared energy could be channelled and organized in a more stable way and with clear goals, so as to be even more effective. University students can apply their knowledge in an interdisciplinary way, together with young people of other churches or religions, in order to propose solutions to social problems.

229. These and various other opportunities for evangelizing the young should not make us forget that, despite the changing times and sensibilities of young people, there are gifts of God that never grow old, for they contain a power transcending all times and places. There is the word of the Lord, ever living and effective, the nourishing presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and the sacrament of Reconciliation, which brings us freedom and strength. We can also mention the inexhaustible spiritual riches preserved by the Church in the witness of her saints and the teaching of the great spiritual masters. Although we have to respect different stages of growth, and at times need to wait patiently for the right moment, we cannot fail to invite young people to drink from these wellsprings of new life. We have no right to deprive them of this great good.

To be effective is to be successful in producing a desired or intended result. And to be Jewish is to make the world (or part of it) a better place, without discrimination for any of its inhabitants. Therefore, to be a highly effective Jew is to be extraordinarily successful in making the world a better place for as many people and creatures as possible.

Along my Jewish journey, though, I have found that embracing the responsibilities of being a highly effective Jew gives me and my life more meaning, value, satisfaction, enjoyment, and depth. That is, these responsibilities are well worth their rewards.

When I was a kid, growing up partially in a Jewish community on the outskirts of Los Angeles, attending Hebrew school in preparation for my Bar Mitzvah, being confirmed, and going to Jewish sleep-away camps during a few summers, I didn\u2019t realize that being Jewish \u2014 no less, being a highly effective Jew \u2014 comes with such steep responsibilities.

It\u2019s easy to fall for the all-or-nothing approach in your pursuit of being a highly effective Jew. A more effective approach, if you will, is to pick one activity or behavior at a time, focusing on becoming darn good at it, and then proceed with the next, sort of like building blocks.


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