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Where to Find Masud Rana Series Free PDF: Websites, Apps, and Tips

Masud Rana Series Free PDF: A Guide for Spy Thriller Fans

If you are a fan of spy thriller novels, you might have heard of Masud Rana series. It is a popular series in Bengali literature written by Qazi Anwar Hussain. The series features Masud Rana, a secret agent of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence who travels around the world to fight against various enemies and threats. The series has been running since 1966 and has over 460 books published so far.

masud rana series free pdf

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In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide on Masud Rana series free PDF. We will cover the history, characters, themes, plots, popularity, impact, challenges, controversies, availability, accessibility, and sources of Masud Rana series free PDF. By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of what Masud Rana series is all about and how to download free PDF copies of the books.

The History of Masud Rana Series

Masud Rana series was created by Qazi Anwar Hussain in 1966. He was inspired by Ian Fleming's James Bond novels and decided to write his own spy thriller series in Bengali. He named his protagonist after his friend Masud Rana who was a freedom fighter during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Qazi Anwar Hussain started his own publishing house called Sheba Prokashoni in 1963. He began publishing Masud Rana books under this imprint along with other genres such as western, horror, adventure, romance, etc. He also hired other writers to write Masud Rana books under his supervision and guidance. Some of the notable writers who have contributed to Masud Rana series are Asaduzzaman, Rakib Hasan, Anisul Haque, etc.

Masud Rana series has been translated into many languages such as English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, etc. It has also been adapted into comics, films, radio dramas, and television series. The first Masud Rana film was made in 1974 and starred Sohel Rana as Masud Rana. The latest Masud Rana film is in the works and will star Arifin Shuvo as Masud Rana.

The Main Characters of Masud Rana Series

Masud Rana series has a rich and diverse cast of characters who play important roles in the stories. Here are some of the main characters of Masud Rana series:

Masud Rana

Masud Rana is the protagonist and the hero of the series. He is a secret agent of Bangladesh Counter Intelligence (BCI) who works under the codename MR-9. He is a master of disguise, martial arts, weapons, languages, and technology. He is loyal, brave, intelligent, and patriotic. He has a license to kill and often uses it to eliminate his enemies. He is also a ladies' man who has many romantic affairs with women from different countries and backgrounds.


Sohana is the love interest and a fellow agent of Masud Rana. She works under the codename SR-7. She is beautiful, smart, skilled, and courageous. She often accompanies Masud Rana on his missions and helps him in various ways. She is also loyal to her country and her agency. She has a deep and passionate love for Masud Rana but also respects his professional duties and personal choices.

Major Rahat Khan

Major Rahat Khan is the mentor and boss of Masud Rana. He is the head of BCI and assigns missions to Masud Rana and other agents. He is a veteran soldier and a spy who has vast experience and knowledge in the field of intelligence and security. He is strict, stern, and demanding but also caring, supportive, and respectful towards his subordinates. He trusts Masud Rana completely and often gives him full autonomy and authority to carry out his missions.

Other recurring characters

There are many other recurring characters in Masud Rana series who appear in different books and stories. Some of them are:

  • Dr. Ejaj: A scientist and a friend of Masud Rana who helps him with gadgets and inventions.

  • Shafi: A driver and a confidant of Masud Rana who assists him with transportation and logistics.

  • Khurshid Alam: A journalist and a contact of Masud Rana who provides him with information and news.

  • Ria: A singer and an ex-girlfriend of Masud Rana who still has feelings for him.

  • Kirsi: A Finnish agent and an ally of Masud Rana who works with him on some missions.

  • Shabash: A former agent of BCI who turned rogue and became an enemy of Masud Rana.

The Themes and Plots of Masud Rana Series

Masud Rana series covers a wide range of themes and plots that appeal to different tastes and preferences of the readers. Here are some of the themes and plots of Masud Rana series:

The genres and subgenres of the series

Masud Rana series belongs to the genre of spy thriller which involves espionage, action, suspense, intrigue, etc. However, within this genre, there are many subgenres that vary according to the tone, style, setting, etc. Some of the subgenres of Masud Rana series are:

  • Adventure: These books involve exotic locations, daring escapades, treasure hunts, etc.

  • Crime: These books involve criminal activities, underworld gangs, mafia bosses, etc.

  • Mystery: These books involve puzzles, clues, riddles, mysteries, etc.

  • Sci-fi: These books involve futuristic technology, aliens, robots, etc.

  • Fantasy: These books involve magic, supernatural beings, mythical creatures, etc.

  • Horror: These books involve ghosts, vampires, zombies, etc.

  • Romance: These books involve love stories, romantic relationships, emotional conflicts, etc.



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