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RESTful API Design Best Practices In API Design With REST APIUniversity Series Book 3 Book Pdf !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Learning REST API from scratch can seem intimidating if you have to scan numerous resources. REST API books for beginners, however, can provide you with all the information you need. Below are some of the best titles.

RESTful API Design Best Practices In API Design With REST APIUniversity Series Book 3 Book Pdf

The book discusses the roots of API development and backend languages, REST vs SOAP architecture, and XML vs JSON response formats. It does not provide code examples as it is designed to be free from any platform. It mainly focuses on the basics of API and how it works.

The REST API Design Handbook is a mini-guide for learning the basics of REST API. It is easy to follow to learn the concepts of designing REST API from scratch. The 90-page book is ideal for complete novices to the topic.

The book takes you through the fundamentals of creating APIs and teaches how to connect to existing ones. It covers designing principles as a major part of its content and teaches the right implementation. API scalability and versioning are two important components and this book focuses on both of them. Although short in length, it makes for essential reading.

This is one of the best REST API books. It offers an introduction to the technical aspects associated with RESTful API design as well as the best practices. It focuses on explaining OpenAPI/Swagger and RAML, which are two common API description languages.

The best part about the book is that it discusses all the REST concepts with relevant and well-explained examples. It covers various topics like customer-centric design and API development approaches.

This is one of the best REST API books as it empowers developers to create high-end APIs for next-level RESTful applications and services. The topics are well-supported with relevant and easy-to-follow examples to help master implementation.

Undistributed REST is a great choice for beginners looking for an in-depth introduction to REST APIs. It begins by teaching how API works and uses live examples to explain how to connect with other APIs. The author focuses on explaining APIs, associated practices, and supporting tools for designing, sharing, prototyping, generating, and documenting the API.

The book provides a strong foundation for API development and imparts valuable lessons to design an API from scratch. By the end of the book, you will have knowledge of integrable and extendable APIs.

One of the best books on RESTful web services, it focuses on teaching API development using Jersey and RESTEasy APIs in a simplified manner. It serves as a guide to understand the coding and designing requirements to create a RESTful API. All this enables you to learn how to build scalable, secure, and robust RESTful web services by leveraging the potential of Java APIs.


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