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GM Igor Smirnov ALL 9 Chess Courses Game Download

GM Smirnov has developed numerous chess lessons, articles, webinars and training courses, including the famous courses that have helped many players of all levels improve their chess skills.

GM Igor Smirnov ALL 9 Chess Courses Game Download


I am really really happy with your courses and how they make effects in my chess. The best of the course is that only not explains a system of thinking in chess !!! Explains how to teach yourself and how to prepare for specific games and tournaments !!!

Elated, I began to ask coaches to give him private lessons and bought several chess books. But the books were too dry for an eight-year-old. His progress was slow and bumpy. In many a game, he could not find a single tactics to employ.

From the first lesson, I became instantly fascinated by his simple clear teaching. He focuses on a few cardinal principles of the chess games that makes sense to the students and who can apply in the games. He supplements the principles with a systemic way of thinking to find the best moves in every turn.

Being as chess defense is a neglected subject, the Remote Chess Academy has created this course to fill that gap. This will provide you with ten weapons to professionally defend yourself in a practical game!

This course will teach you the most important tactical ideas to win games and, especially, how they work inside the human brain. This is all about chess tactics techniques and the psychology of winning tactics!

In this comprehensive chess course, GM Igor Smirnov explains these rules one by one. Similarly, he explains in details one more important thinking rule which will help your game to grow up on the next level! Thus, on Remote Chess Academy, we created this course, called 7 keys to victory.

The endgame is a very important part of a chess game, and equally valued as opening and middlegame. It is true that you can learn the endgame easily, but here is a contradiction; endgame books or other online materials are either difficult or boring. In this course, IM Asaf Givon teaches you how to study and understand Endgames easily with practical examples.

Asaf begins the course by testing your abilities in evaluating an endgame. He will give you eight positions from the different type of endgames and from the different level of players and different eras of chess.

However, when it comes to a real game, how do you find the right move in a short period of time? In a real game, you need to play a move every few minutes, or if it is a blitz game, you only have a few seconds. Obviously, you cannot calculate various variations, recollect all chess rules you know, think about them, and then compare and decide what the best option is.

It is important to know about the history of chess and analyzing games of the best chess players. In order to make your game deeper, it is important to learn new techniques and ideas, especially from great players.

Defense is a very important chess skill. At least in about 50% of a chess game, we need to defend. In some games, we play with Black pieces and White makes the first move, and for that reason, White has the opportunity to start the attack/initiative. 350c69d7ab


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